Monday, July 5, 2010

Two Firsts

So here's a quick overview of some firsts:

In the world of culinary delights, I've tried weasel, wild boar, deer meat, intestines, pigs ear, and now duck embryo! This concoction tastes a lot like eating an egg halfway between soft-boiled and hard-boiled...but there's definitely something else present. I think the best way to eat it would night. when you can't see what you are eating. Connie tried it the night before me and she quite enjoyed it, thus encouraging me to take the leap. We both got some the next day, and she admitted that it was better when she couldn't see it...couldn't see the black blob that definitely isn't in your typical egg...the black blob that. has. feathers. which I ate. oy. Nevertheless it was a good experience

Back in Saigon, I finally got the chance to ride on a motor bike! My new roommate took me to the market today. How was the experience? Well I know for sure I would never want to drive one myself....especially in Saigon where the traffic is out of control. That said, it was awesome. I wore a dashing yellow helmet and away we went. It's crazy how there is nothing keeping you down except gravity and I must admit I was gripping the hand hold located behind my butt rather tightly, but I definitely wasn't ready for my ride to end!

Today we also went shopping and I bought a Germany Jersey...gearing up for the Germany-Spain match! Go Deutschland! (yes we are avidly following the world cup even here...we stayed up til 1:30am to watch the USA game and even though we lost, we're still following the excitement). Kevin bought a Spain jersey to rival mine and Garrett decided to buy local and purchased a very awesome looking Vietnamese jersey. Obviously we will be wearing these jerseys when we play soccer against the locals in Ben Tre next weekend

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