Monday, July 5, 2010

Planning for Ben Tre

We leave for Ben Tre on Wednesday and we've begun preparing for the teaching that will occur there.

We will be teaching: English, PE/Health, Science, Arts/Crafts, and Dance/Music. We will also be building two houses for two very poor families, one of which has both a blind mother and a blind son. Our daily schedule will look like this:
6:00am breakfast
6:30am bike to work site (5km)
7:00am begin work
11:30am lunch break
2:00pm first period of teaching
3:00pm second period of teaching
4:00pm bike back to guest house (5km)
6:00pm dinner

Feelings about the project in Quang Tri suggest that many participants felt the project to be less than beneficial for the inhabitants. The projects were very aesthetic and without the teaching component, we did not feel as though we really interacted with the people. Hopefully people will feel more fulfilled from this project. The question remains the purpose of this program (and really any Duke Engage) to help others? Or is it really more to give us fortunate kids from the states an "experience"?

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